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Reflections on the Referendum on the Draft of the New Constitution

Hamdi Hassan

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Power of the People?

Egypt's fiercely disputed draft constitution is certain to pass after unofficial results from the second and final round of referendum voting show that around 64 percent of Egyptians voted in its favour. However, the voter turnout is as low as 30 percent and official results are not expected until Monday.

 During this final phase of Egypt’s constitutional referendum, 25,495,237 voters were eligible to take part in the polls. The voting took place in 176 general polling stations and 6,274 sub-stations in 17 governorates. It was a relatively humdrum day with fewer incidents of violence but much more systemic irregularities.

The Supreme Electoral Commission extended the voting hours from 7pm to 11pm due to "high voter turnout.” However, the turnout in the second phase is not expected to exceed the 32 percent witnessed in the first phase. In fact, it is reported that it is only 30 percent, due to the irregularities and discouragement of voters in areas where Islamists have little support, especially in the Delta.

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