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The Egyptian Revolution: A Carnival of Rage and Comic Defiance!

Hamdi Hassan

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Power of the People?

An examination of the demise of the Mubarak regime through the eyes of Egyptians, whose lives were, until now and, ironically, still in many ways, defined by it, is a helpful tool to understand the current situation of people revolting in the name of “bread, freedom and social justice.”

 When the youth protesters first took to Cairo’s Tahrir Square on January 25 2011, they chanted their desire, among other things, for a state that promised social justice, unity, and equal rights for all. Even though they committed violent acts at times, most of these youngsters were longing for a new and democratic Egypt it seemed. They strongly believed that what was experienced in Tahrir at the outset of the Revolution would materialize in real social and political life.

 Recently however, the opposition group the National Salvation Front (NSF) called for a protest against the Islamist government to “continue the Revolution” and reiterate "demands" for the dismissal of the current government, the amendment of the recently-approved constitution and the appointment of a new prosecutor-general.

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